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Baby hinny with Jenny Mulesdonkeys Horses Donkey Animals

Baby hinny with Jenny Mulesdonkeys Horses Donkey Animals


Baby hinny with Jenny

donkeys vs mules

Photo courtesy Criadero Villa Luz

Mule Vs. Donkey

Mules can't reproduce. Here's the biological explanation why. | Belleville News-Democrat

Miniature Donkeys

A Hinny (front) is the product of breeding a donkey jennet to a stallion horse. This is an actual hinny and dam.

Eagle Canyon Hinny Denny. His sire is a TWH Stallion with lines to Merry Go Boy (Both paternal and maternal sides of the stallion's pedigree) His dam is a ...

mule foals | Coralie and Robin Winter's mule foal 'Braywin Spectacular Blueboy'. He .

Bob Rae

Mule Vs. Donkey

Donkey, Ass, Burro, Mule, What They All Mean – TBN Ranch Chicken Keeping Resources

Where are donkeys and mules registered?

He is pictured with some horses that he boards on his property. PHOTO BY HELEN H. RICHARDSON

What is the Difference Between a Donkey, a Mule and an Ass? - What

Baby Donkey - How Cute! Have to have a donkey with my horses one day.

Miniature Mule


Jupiterimages/ Images


Draft Mule

Modern usage[edit]

Why Can't Mules Have Babies?

Wat een oren! En prachtige lange wimpers waar ik jaloers op ben! www.

A mule is the offspring of a female horse and male donkey. A hinny is the offspring of a male horse and female donkey.

A Donkey is standing in hay and it is looking forward and eating the hay.



Large Standard Donkey



Praises of mules, donkeys sung at Leatherwood event | News | Images

Mules come in a variety of colors and sizes; these mules had a draft horse mare for a mother

What is the Difference Between a Donkey, a Mule and an Ass? - What

Jerusalem mini donkey


American Mammoth Donkey jenny 'Bramoth's Wacissa'


... between the two species of zebra, or even between the zebra and the quagga, or the quagga and the ass, might have led to a very different result."


baby burro

Praises of mules, donkeys sung at Leatherwood event

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Handsome Falabella colt

Mule's foal fools genetics with “impossible” birth


... decision to sell my two donkeys. They must go together as they are Mother and Daughter and never been apart. Luceel is 14 years old micro chipped and.

6 year old stud donkey

Left in a pen at one of the largest 'kill' auctions around, a senior grey girl stood there with multiple at-risk donkeys and mini donkeys.

A gray mule

Yearling Jack Donkey

New Donkey Owner Short FAQ

burro foal 3 days old

HOLLY FISHER of Columbus, president of the Carolina Mule Association, rides her Mammoth donkey, named Mud Flapp, in the horse show during Mule Days at ...

In "Animal Life and the World of Nature" (1902-1903), WP Dando (Fellow of the Zoological Society, London) writes: Much interest has been aroused at the Zoo ...

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Thinking with Mules and Hinnies as Life Overlooked - Humanities for the Environment | Humanities for the Environment

Donkeys and Mules

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Poitou donkey

Donkey, Ass, Burro, and Mules... Making Sense of all Those

Standard Mule

2009 Thoroughbred Mare - Mamooguska - Forward thinking and friendly

Differences in the etymology of a donkey and an ass. '

John is a 2 year old gelding Donkey. He is super friendly, happily stand to be fussed by my two small children. He leads really well, would eventually make ...

[American] Government May Experiment With New Zebra Horse Cross. It is understood that the government has under consideration the importance ...

Woolly paramo donkey

Miss Jenny

baby burro running

Mini Donkeys

As noted previously, a mule has a donkey father and horse mother. A hinny is the opposite; they have a horse father and donkey mother. Does this matter?

The 7 french donkey breeds (âne = donkey)

Jack Stock Mammoth Draft Mule, Baby Donkey, Mini Donkey, Burritos, Beautiful Horses


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EHV-1 in Pennsylvania: Update on Chester County Case

Animal Sponsorship Program

Ezra has a negative coggins, and is being seen by our vet and farrier on April 17th to have his hooves trimmed and vaccinations.

As well as disproving paternal impression, he wanted to produce a more resilient draught animal for South Africa; one less subject to local diseases and ...

Donkey Math

WANTED - Skewbald Gelding Donkey

Colbran rancher Larry Amos watches as the mule foal nuzzles its mother, Kate, a 7-year-old "molly" that gave birththree months ago to the still-unnamed " ...


Donkeys and Mules

why do most people ride mules and not horses? what are the anotomic differences between

In contemporary texts I saw mules classified by breed and class. Paul and Betsy Hutchins write on the website Rural Heritage that the breed of a mule is ...

Standard Donkey